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by Art Morera

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"Wake Up" (free) 01:39
"Wake Up" Man, I'ma be something/ A grown man's what I'm becoming/ I'm the front man out of three hundred/ We're all over the place like free running/ I trust my gut I don't got a weak stomach/ You aint seen me? You aint seen nothin'/ You don't think I'm it, you got me buggin'/ Put a tip in his cup, he's mean muggin'/ Yeah, I'm just trying to inspire/ networking investors with buyers/ and I'ma blow up/ Like I gotta make the cut and I'm not sure which wire!/ snip, BOOM, give me alot of room/ I swept my girl off her feet without a broom/ my bars finna shine, I'm as hot as noon/ I'm on a high note, no autotune/ truth seeker, lover of the musica/ this game, I'ma run it with some new sneakers/ King Arthur, sitting in his castle, like Eureka/ the realness you speak of/ hasn't gone away, it's right here/ it's closer than it appears like side mirrors/ let 'em say that they don't see me/ 'cuz when they're sleeping, I'm their nightmare/ Hook: Yeah, you got a dream? Better wake up! You wanna live your dream right? right (4x) I'm destined for greatness/ I don't say "unless I'm mistaken"/ No, I'm destined for greatness, greatness, greatness"/
"Ambitious" (feat. JFeyeVE) Verse 1. (Art Morera) I'm ambitious/ thought of a plan then got up and ran with it/ follow me man/ the way the music comes together, it outta be banned/ my product as hot as a tan in tropical sand/ I don't sweat obstacles ahead/ nothing in this world is impossible to get/ at first if I didn't get it, I was so upset/ but stress only lead to the domino effect/ we're making the music for the motivators/ I use my middle finger when I say hello to haters/ clean slate homie, I don't even owe a favor/ if opportunity aint here, what's making you think it'll show up later?/ we run to where the money at/ take the money where we want it to be to keep the clientele coming back/ My work's worth a couple hundred stacks/ take all the riches in the world, add 'em up, I want some of that!/ (Pre-Hook) I'ma get it, get it, I get it get it on time (x3) I always have money on my mind (Chorus) It's kinda like All that we want is another paycheck like there's no tomorrow, singin' All that we want is another paycheck, yeah (yeah) I'm singin' All that we want is another paycheck like there's no tomorrow, singin' All that we want is another paycheck, yeah (yeah) Verse 2 (JFeyeVE) Uh, They say I'm trippin', I'm over ambitious/ I envision space shippin' through the ozone cap/ I'm prepared to conqure life in five minutes/ the hands of time pullin' on my shirt can't hold me back/ I got drive like the transmission/ I won't stop shiftin' till I'm number one on the podium/ I want my name in the hall of fame/ if it isn't on the plaque I'ma use my Rustolium/ I'm better under pressure, high sodium/ came to break records, where's the lonolium?/ they say I'm sacreligious, my style's holy nuts/ if success is the target, I'm raising up my barrel like petrolium/ homie, I aim high, Winehouse smoking bud/ I'ma man up and face it/ and grab the bull by the horns till I ride it and make it/ (Pre hook) (Chorus) Verse 3 (Art Morera) I see my future looking bright/ wake up in the morning in a robe, spin a globe and book a flight/ with every hook I right, it's like I take shine/ but I'm in my own lane, so just say I took a light/ see, aint nobody stopping us/ so I'ma just stay cool, while getting to my goal, hockey puck/ Do you get it, get it? I thought it was obvious/ they don't got the gut to stomach it, the flow nausia/ see, I know we've been at it for a minute, that's a given/ but we're driven to be doin' what we lovin' for a livin'/ like it was nothin' more vivid/ nothing is forbidden and there's no limit/ so baby, get up and go get it/ (Pre Hook) (Chorus)
"Jordan" (Skit) (free) 01:01
"Dominate" (free) 03:50
"Dominate" Uh, Art Morera Game Verse 1 Looking at my life feels like watching a Sports Center highlight reel ill, my do or die will it will kill competition via suicide drills still the thrill of witnessin' me it'll give your spine chills, keep your eye peeled to me, it's ideal if it's a game that I might steal put it in a bag with a tight seal those are big Jordans the foot of mine fills got a goal and I'm running towards it, through a mine field I aint tryna slow down, I aint tryna yield if I get hurt, I know time heals watch the stop clock, get ready for the shot you better make a move when a second's what you got, make a move! fans sweatin' it alot takin' the athletic path lead him to the top Chorus Now, no one ever said it was gonna be easy No one ever said it was gonna be easy but when I make a move I'ma dominate I'ma dominate homie, I'ma dominate (x2) Verse 2 I'ma dominate, no one's ever taking my spot away gotta stay training daily wakin' with body aches alot of pain, to me this is not a game I'ma have a house with my own hall of fame Yeah, I'm in the zone like I finna go all the way never take time off, what the hell's a holiday? I know the sport so well, I can call a play me, myself and I is Bosh, Lebron and Wade focus the lens on your camcord I rap sorta like nothing but net from half court something for the fans in the stands to stand for fly with no passport and crack the backboard, yeah you aint taking this house, we at war I'ma snatch yours though, I'm the new landlord If you wanna play Around The World, I'll give a grand tour I'm coming in first place on a crash course Chorus Verse 3 Who, me? The equivelant to the 2-3 the one that can jump and dunk from where you shoot free's kept leaping till he grew wings won a championship and came home with a new ring but I aint in it for the jewelry I'ma overcome the limits none of you'll reach stay dribbling, no pivot in my 2 feet I know every play written on a loose leaf, no sleep cuz everybody from the sidelines to the nose bleeds will be watching me closely I be like Kobe, on my J-O-B yo' team's all tied up without going into OT the top's lonely, but homie you know me to always be in the air, when am I lowkey? never, I'm better than any competitor I be the only MVP in my own league Chorus
Technology (Remix) If anything should happen to us, at this altitude there's a floatation device located under your seats and an oxygen mask will fall from the compartment above you at which point, you hold on tight... and you brace for impact Art Morera's Verse You see, I told her holler at me whether phone call of chatting through instant message. I'm split second later automatic I know you couldn't understand it on top of all the static every time you drop a status I toss a comment at it maybe, I'm a common addict and could never drop the habit when I'm in the group getting the scoop, you wanna add it? the data is problematic in that it can cause a panic when they spot the talent that Mayday brought the band with? Man, with technology it's easy. All I need to transmit, I get on a beat, in a trance, and ride it like a transit to the fan's ears even if it's hard for you to stand it, you can't sit me and my people link up, hit the trees and we stay sharp as an axe is and we lean on an axis, and we can access anywhere on the planet with an address to the average ears, this is what advance is I don't write nothing down homie, I pad this my imagination's where the rhyme stash is I got a drive like flash, if you open up Paint you can say that's my canvas. You get it? Save.
Spraypaint and Ink Pens What you want me to do on this one? Uh, yeah Spraypaint and ink pens I use to write in every color I think in Art on the mic, like buddy from Linkin Park, when I spark I hover then I sink in before my life is over like the covers that I'm sleepin' under with my lover one beneath it I'ma get the gold, not the runner up achievement soul of a champ, though I wonder if my feet fit if so, then watch me sprint in these kicks don't blink or squint cuz he's quick quick like my dream whip in my dream world that my dream self was seen with but meanwhile, me and my MC wit beat repeatin', I write with no ink pen weeded and drinkin', me myself and I didn't think that this would be the reason I'm bleedin' breathin' but believe it, even though my foes wanna see me go, I won't what tie between them and I on who's the best? All that's left is my vote and I root for me as far as mine goes, that's why my rivals fear my arrival I came under your radar, fly low so ahead that you gotta follow @ArtMorera I'm not close to them, don't compare us I'm on a platou eatin' too much for your plato my mindstate's like Plato on Pluto If I had a brand new boat, I'd probably feel like Noah, who knows my heart grew cold like walking through a ghost but you can't stop me from where I'm goin', I'm too close to being a boss, Hugo the rest still got a long way to go kinda like 2pac on rooftops who got the jugo? I do, you don't we heavy weight hitters like sumos you might not think I'm the best yet, but soon though! I'm from a whole other mundo yep, ya dude's stoned off that moon dope, man you can see me if you look into a scope naw, I doubt it there's alot of Buddha smoke I got problems and that's what I use to cope just me in my studio which I paid out of pocket so all of them due's he owes is for the road when I'm getting to a toll you can ask 8ch2O, it outta hold water if the truth is told this shit's timeless, both the new and old know what I'm giving you is gold Life's a movie yo, in real life I'm on a UFO playing a human role of some kid, raised by Cuban folks reborn christian, getting his jewish doe who, had him a thought out of the box no cubicle, I'm something you never knew before Uh, Spraypaint and Ink pens I use to write in every color I think in Art on the mic like buddy from Linkin Park, when I spark I hover then I sink in, in
"For Now" (free) 02:44
For Now If it's not forever, it's for now. If it's not forever, it's for now If it's not forever, it's for now, now, now... (x3) It's not forever? It might as well be never It used to be I was the only thing that she saw now she walks away and she don't look back at all got me looking back at my flaws being fake with me, a plastic doll I chase tail like cats and dogs had her on all fours, animals, hands to paws pause, let the fans applaud I got lines and they catch 'em all, now back to broad remember when she started actin' odd? real cold hearted after we minaj? she just wanted what's in my sack, Santa Claus She couldn't hide the look in her eye with camouflage she had my back, gave me a back massage but then italian jobbed it, sabotage I thank God, that I didn't add her on to my tatted arm cuz then I would've scratched it off it's get over the fact this shit aint lastin' long or be at an institution in a room with padded walls with shrink notes in folders of what I told her photos, keeping track of me as I get older my whole outlook looking colder cold enough to freeze tears pourin' out the eye of the beholder and whoever's crying on his shoulder you know what? (what?) so what? from so many wounds I sow up working with casino luck showing me no love like I'll eat it up by waiters playing violas baby? I aint paying for it, see, now we go dutch and I chug a duce, you're single, you don't need no one, it's cool neither do I, and after tonight I have a view like as if before I never knew site or ever used my two eyes, baby had me too blind aside from my pupils you can see whoever you like we were tighter than laces keeping my tennis shoe tied doin' it big, me and my bitch ready to die if everything you said was a lie, I'm alive to tell the story even though you say I'm dead in your eyes that's why... (Sample) "I don't see my in your eyes no more..." (Repeat)
Man On The Moon Freestyle "You gotta feel like you're in space..." I do Me up here... Me up here 12:00AM Verse 1 (Art Morera) I fled from my home planet in an escape pod and for that, I thank God because had I stayed, it would've been the death of a star like Darth Vader I hope that none of the survivors think I'm a traitor if they do, they're Art haters I just wanted to hit a hot spot so I picked Earth and aimed for the equator and when I get there, sooner or later they'll see me as something greater than an invader look, I just want to be an entertainer innovator, meet the maker be like "Hello world, my name Art and we're all paintings from the illustrator." but then I crashed. I walked out in the middle of a crator wait a minute, this aint Earth... Chorus (Kid Cudi) I be that man on the moon I'm the man on the moon and I'ma do what I do, so do you hey hey I'll be posted with a blunt and a brew I do I'm the man on the moon I'm up up on the moon Verse 2 (Art Morera) I guess I gotta sit on the moon a bit my lil space ship needs a tune up quick I wonder what makes y'all humans tick from here, you look like lunatics good thing I brought my boom box might as well take a stroll, I always wanted to moon walk like Michael Jackson Yeah, I was a big fan of him back in my home planet if you have expectations to see me don't aim for the sky, go past it catch where I'm blastin' off at it's not often I'm astronautin' my back up option, take rope strapped to my rocket try and catch a comet, tie a lassle on it and ride it's tail back to where I started damn, that's the hassle of an artist peep the moon, try to face facts I aint mad when I wave at y'all and y'all don't wave back maybe one day we'll link up, blaze sacks and have a good time bumpin' my space raps (Chorus)
Devil In A New Dress Freestyle Verse I was in the devil's bedroom with the door closed ended up here from a wrong turn in a fork road she didn't see me coming, I hid behind a pile of torn clothes while she was picking out her wardrobe her and her porn hoes goin' back and forth from playing dress up, to a corner where they snort coke looking like they nose dove in a mountain of pure snow by the closet was scattered panties and pantyhose she took off her towel from her torso put on a lacey nightgown and made sure it showed whenever she would bend over, rocking a short coat short like halfway down her booty or so high heels showing off her pedicure toes horns curled 'round her skull like corn rolls I've seen her whorin' down by The Orange Bowl appealing to anybody anywhere, no horoscope who would've thought the crib I'm in was Lucifer's home it looked abandoned outside, like its foreclosed she probably know she aint adorable a reputation like Satan it aint easy being normal Satan, Satan, why you so horrible? What you think you know it all like an Oracle? whether if you answer yes or no, if you're so smart you should know the question's rhetorical Man, what I would give to come across a portal a warp hole that would take me back to Florida, yo from making out her conversation like Morse code I heard 'em say your name and somethin' bout taking your soul! Put your hands to the constellations the way you look should be a sin, you're my sensation I think I'm trapped here, I'm not escapin' she got a stairway to Heaven but she caution taped it, damn Put your hands to the constellations the way you look should be a sin, you're my sensation I think I'm trapped here, I'm not escapin' she got a stairway to Heaven but she caution taped it, man 12:00AM The magic hour, hour, the magic hour Homie why you standin' there with your face screwed up? Why you standin' there with your face screwed up huh?
"U Shoulda B'naire" (free) 02:30
"U Shoulda B'naire" Eyo, U Shoulda B'naire Up outta thin air a scenario appeared I'ma premier it here in your stereo yeah listen clear while I steer in your ear be aware, self reflect like you're staring in mirrors let me see, it was like maybe half a year back I was listening to Atmosphere tracks the mere fact that a rap career last a sheer span of what, seven, eight years then you're here for the love I had plans in the club practicing my flow I had to get a hair cut tonight I had a show, had to rush, had to roll so I go to the barber shop found a spot up in the parking lot and out of nowhere a Ferrari stopped a man argued with his female she fell out the car in shock and started bursting into tears from how hard she dropped out of fear, people near went to call the cops she got up like "What the F-" fussing and fighting and cussin' decided to hush, biting her tongue wiping the blood from the side of her lip got inside of his whip and they dipped U Shoulda B'naire type of thangs women go through just to do a lil sumn that's cool man U shoulda b'naire I know it sounds too good to be true but I got nothing to prove or lose, man (x2) I remember this one time (one time, one time) (X4)
"Lockjaw (Freestyle)" (free) 02:33
Lockjaw 12:00AM They tried to lock my jaw cuz what my eyes inside of my sockets saw I'm on top of my green like soccer balls so they want to cut holes in my pocket and watch them objects that I drop in fall like I'm in a shopping mall and I can't find my wallet to see me take a few steps back from walk to crawl and all Why you knockin'? Naw, you know with one phone call it's a problem solved so why would you want to put yourself in that predicament? You that sick of me? You mad at my rhyme? What I kicked I meant Or you mad at your shine from how quick it went? I got punchlines, what I'm hittin' I dent you see, I'm a player I don't sit on the bench no, flow like superman and when I'm at work is when I switch to Kent but in the booth, it's the same truth in my debut, I'll be Babe Ruth step on the plate, point the bat where I aim to and swing I'll be back at home base soon You see, I've been puttin' in work from the crib get the picture that Art and his room mate drew we prayed and made moves and God came through, it's crazy! Look in my eye and say it aint true Yeah, don't blame me heads are listening I'm aiming for you to get the message instantly yeah, aiming, you get it? I'm sick with these words that I flip with ease, ya heard? It should be crystal C-L-E-A-R lil man got raps but he aint Art in life nothing holding me back like I play it with a Gameshark I'ma go hard till the grave yard till I'm blue in the face, Braveheart My God, it's like I'm on a computer like Tron cuz I'ma be an icon just a mac with an apple with a bite gone cuz I listened to the words of a python but I aint livin' like my life long quest is to right wrongs I did in my past till I'm gone I'm someone that you can rely on I'm Art, I just do what I can, Krylon get people moving like fire alarms or seeing somebody harmed from a fire arm can't you see I'm a monster? Leviathan Nobody on the tip I am on you can't tell me I'm trying too hard, the fall gets harder the higher you are it's easy, it's not like I'm trying too hard the fall gets harder the higher you are...
"The Movie Ends" (free) 04:01
The Movie Ends Supposedly I went Hollywood, my whereabouts? What, you finna call Paramount? You want my heart? Go 'head tear it out while I milk this for what it's worth, dairy isle I'm so legendary I'll show I'm a cut from another material feeling aerial, they wonderin' if we actin' or if we're real the spotlight's here whether not it's really ours working weary hours, moon howlers caged under the weight of two tours my name is Art, my style, I don't need an A n R to say I'm down to a T true indeed if I aint sick I'm everything you would need to be I-M-M-U-N-E I can hang with the few elite finna blow like a fuel leak to a spark, Jubilee You wonderin' what color do I bleed? I appear to be more than a human being I'm buildin' they're ruining there's alot going on when I say I'm doin' me just do y'all, do what you do asleep while you're still up for it, persue your dreams yeah, I'm the shit, a sewer stream feel free to cut me off if I'm too extreme Verse 2 At last, like Biggie rappin bout blunts and broads I promise I keep it honest like I'm talking right in front of God I'ma kill it even if the audience doesn't applaud if one of y'all feel it, y'all know who's the illest the rest, I'm letting marinate before I grill 'em I guess they say Morera fake like acrylic but I'm too smart to fail, hard as nails I'm on fire like chronic that Arty inhales, mind so sharp it impales success plays a big part of his tale I said I'd prevail at the start of this trail I'm the man, and I'll say it quite clear, treat my tape like no plans and play it by ear My whole camp so fly none of us afraid of heights here we're up in the air and I'm a pioneer I can make anyone big look tinier whenever I'm near I can see through the sight seers without any X Ray eye wear you can't walk in the shoes I wear I'm just here building, IKEA yeah don't get an idea get ghost like my old crib in Hialeah you still don't think I'm ill by here? Maybe you will in another light year


Art Morera's debut mixtape 12:00AM


released July 17, 2011


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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