Arthur EP

by Art Morera

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released April 20, 2012


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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Track Name: About

Rest In Peace Chuy…
What’s my song about? What’s the subject matter?
Should I rock this in a pub while the public chatters all amongst themselves?
Will they pay no mind to the things I’m saying?
Man, I ain’t gon’ lie I be thinking these things! Not a day goes by.
Constantly putting work to be the opposite of obsolete
I wish I could take my time but I cant afford to be walking slowly
Father told me “Son, you are not the only one. How can you rise above the rest?”
Swear to God that woke me up.

What’s this song about?
Hey What’s my song about?

I see the world thru my retro specs
So ahead, as things happen I look at them in retrospect
Make the crowd go “Whooo!!”
Yeah protect yo neck!
Can’t take back anything I’ve said there’s just an echo left.
Man of my word, and I’m a nerd.
Man on the moon landed on Earth.
Sand in my shoes, stand on the dirt
Reach for the stars, hand them to her
What’s my song about? Should I just go fuckin’ hammer?
Should I drop this in the club?
Got a couple patterns bout puffin’ L’s in the Trey Oh Five
My weed LA, Rodeo Drive.
You see what I mean?
Ok so I was saying how it’s like I got Mako eyes, my head stay in the clouds.
But in this game of life I’m not playing around.
Everyone with Stage fright can stay in the crowd. Know what I’m talkin’ bout?

What’s the song about?
Hey what’s my song about?


Morera…Morera… Ricky Banks!
Track Name: 98' Green 328i
"98’ Green 328i"

Yeah…Ride with me..

I got a 98’ Green 328i BMW.
Wasn’t new but it used to be owned by the 007 James Bond.
Feel the bass in the trunk when my song came on in my 98’ Green 328i…
I’ll never re-sell it. I’ma never say why.
I got leather inside, airbags unused and my sunroof shelters me from my grey skies!
Uh, Boss shit like the last level.
Once we got passed Hello me and my gas pedal we got real acquainted
Look how ill the paint is
Came up on a steal, stainless
With my 98’ Green 328i, both my miles and I we stay high
My high beams been confused for daylight
Co-pilot’s smoothest ride in they life!
Uh, ride round town at night
Blunt ember match my dash lights
I keep my drink where I ash by
Paying off the whip will be the cash prize
Like, you see that? That’s mine
So fast people call it The Flash
And I got a stash that the cops aint find in my 98’ Green 328i.
Yeah, I feel like I’m in a race when I see a plane fly in my 98’ Green 328i!
Look for me… in my 98’ Green 328i.

Beemer stories…
Track Name: Caught Up
"Caught Up"

I know it’s been a minute from when I started but I will finish, I’ve been caught up…
When I was a little kid, I wasn’t in the same crowd as the children
Nobody at the playground I would chill with
My imaginary friends and I’m having a ball but no with Wilson
Y’all knew that I rapped, told me that I wouldn’t but I still did
Headphones on in front of the bus at all the field trips
I know I’m going places but until then
I gotta stay waiting… just a pilgrim
Watch who you support and who you build with
Snakes blend in like chameleons
Had I stuck to the books I would’ve been brilliant
But I will win, got a million ways to make a million.
I know it’s been a minute from when I started but I will finish, I’ve been caught up…

I don’t wanna be the guy askin’ for a pen and white napkin
To write, yappin’ bout how he liked rappin’ but life happened
Writin’ tracks on the side, getting sidetracked
In a race against the clock about to watch Time lap him
With a crowd standin’ behind the finish line clappin’
It’ll go the way that he planned it when they’re raising his hand in the air
Thinking of air while he lied gaspin’
Wish he could run quick enough it’ll make Time rewind backwards
Dreams of defying logic in my actions
Time’s only a matter until I pass it
Said I be making moves that were gigantic
It’s going down like the Titantic
I know it’s been a minute from when I started but I will finish, I’ve been caught up…

I wish there was many more hours in a day
Instead of just twenty four cuz now I’m a little late in my schedule
Drinkin’ a Red Bull, head full
Of thoughts of all that I wanna do but first, I’m getting out this bedroom
Been caught up, no neck noose
Was let down, shit fell through
Held back then let loose
Gonna figure out my next move and get it done
If not me, then who? Ain’t that what men do?
I’m sure that I could’ve done more, Lord knows that I meant to
Went down the road not many used, wore out the sole in my tennis shoe
For that success, no compass… I didn’t know where I was getting to
I only knew what I’ve been through, but we’ll see something eventually
We’re strong enough mentally, we can make it happen, it’s meant to be.
I know it’s been a minute from when I started but I will finish, I’ve been caught up.
Track Name: Thangs

I just want yall to listen.. iight?

I’m goin thru some thangs… thru some thangs..

A hundred milli.. a hundred million in my bucket list.
Couple wins up under my belt when I unbuckle it
Funny feeling when touching this scar that’s on my fuckin wrist
When the nerve damage starts acting up I just take my pain and rub it in.
Nowadays I got rubber skin shit bounce off
Nowadays I appreciate pickin’ up a cent with my hound dogs
Nowadays a couple friends of mine found God.
Thank God, cuz nowadays that conversation just sound odd…
I wish you would walk a mile inside this shoe
So you can say that you’ve been thru what I talk about with my issues.
I wish that I was what they talk about in that issue
See my face when you flip thru the pages looking for the interview
See I’m up all night, go to sleep when this song right.
Tell my mind “C’mon write! All this time done gone by.”
All this effort I put in when coming up with them hot lines
In the bottom roads I’ll get there I got long lights and them stop signs…

I’m goin thru some thangs..
Thru some thangs..
But I’m good.. yeah..

Composure, what I would do with some closure.
Happiness I was so sure I would find it like in a brochure but no sir.
I hear Death in my ear saying
“Come closer, Art… Come closer, it’ll be quick it wont hurt.”
Haters they kick sand in my eyes, they throw dirt.
Take the rose off of my grave and spit as I turn over.
I’ve lost my possessions like a turnover.
Lent them my friendship and they left hence I’m a loner
What’s a wall to climb or a fence to jump over
To get where I need to I’ll travel the whole earth
What’s a GPS to a man that is soul searching?
What is a stage to a closed curtain huh?

I’m goin thru some thangs..
Thru some thangs..
But I’m good.. yeah..
Track Name: Tell Tale Heart
"Tell Tale Heart"

No sleep, it’s insane.
My foes keep trying to invade.
And these hoes be walking Biscayne with
No thing to hide except a little pain.
Homie behind’s on his pimp game
Trying to get paid off his slave
It’s crazy when it’s this late
And I’m just here working on my mixtape.
I wonder if one day they’ll hit play,
hear what I just said then change…
Cuz I’d do whatever it takes to make up for my mistakes.
I had a heart once never let it escape.
Then a girl found a key to my rib cage and stole it.
Now it’s been misplaced and my goal is to find it.
I hope that it’s safe…
Tell Tale Heart.
Tell Tale Heart.
But knowing my Corazon it’s grown cold as stone
Looking for a fix coming from a broken home
The girl that stole it must’ve been in a hurry.
Left my chest open, didn’t bother to sow it closed.
So it goes, me stitching this hole…
Throwing clothes over it so no one knows.
People wonderin’ if I woke from a comatose
Or if I survived an overdose or…
Uh.. if I even own a soul.
What? Am I a motherfuckin’ zombie
Rapping on beat, barely
Just an off offspring I know, I know..
Tell me something I don’t.
In my little world, the youngins are old,
Summers are cold, sweating ice cubes and covered in snow
One thing remains though…
No love for these hoes! Yeah
And my tears, they hide in a little place with my fears.
And my peers, over here…
Before we drink poison we say “Cheers!”
Ah, yeah I got jokes. Roll the credits, that’s all folks
And if I don’t find my heart I’ll use a black rock
A piece of charcoal, or dark marble…
Anything to feel less horrible. Uh!
Y’all know how it goes!
If not man, I don’t know what to tell ya
It’s the tale of my heart…better get familiar
Yeah, listen what I tell ya!
Tale of my heart better get familiar
Tell Tale Heart.
With the Tell Tale Heart

Some parts still unsaid,
Got cut and bled till my chest was red from the blood shed…shed…
So much blood shed out my body, I doubt there’s none left
Since it’s true what I just said, for all I know I AM undead.
Yeah, I gotta keep it one hundred, I keep it one hundred.
I’ve been set up, now I’m upset cuz the plan she had was a success.
And if my heart was kept under the bed where she once slept
It’s been keeping her up since!
Me, I’m obsessed, she got a head start and I’m behind one step.
The future’s too dark to see what’s next
Story of the loveless, what a suspense is my Tell Tale Heart
Tell Tale Heart.