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"Ambitious" (feat. JFeyeVE)

from 12​:​00AM by Art Morera





"Ambitious" (feat. JFeyeVE)

Verse 1. (Art Morera)
I'm ambitious/
thought of a plan then got up and ran with it/
follow me man/
the way the music comes together, it outta be banned/
my product as hot as a tan in tropical sand/
I don't sweat obstacles ahead/
nothing in this world is impossible to get/
at first if I didn't get it, I was so upset/
but stress only lead to the domino effect/
we're making the music for the motivators/
I use my middle finger when I say hello to haters/
clean slate homie, I don't even owe a favor/
if opportunity aint here,
what's making you think it'll show up later?/
we run to where the money at/
take the money where we want it to be
to keep the clientele coming back/
My work's worth a couple hundred stacks/
take all the riches in the world,
add 'em up, I want some of that!/

I'ma get it, get it, I get it get it on time (x3)
I always have money on my mind
It's kinda like
All that we want is another paycheck
like there's no tomorrow, singin'
All that we want is another paycheck, yeah (yeah)
I'm singin'
All that we want is another paycheck
like there's no tomorrow, singin'
All that we want is another paycheck, yeah (yeah)

Verse 2 (JFeyeVE)

They say I'm trippin', I'm over ambitious/
I envision space shippin' through the ozone cap/
I'm prepared to conqure life in five minutes/
the hands of time pullin' on my shirt can't hold me back/
I got drive like the transmission/
I won't stop shiftin' till I'm number one on the podium/
I want my name in the hall of fame/
if it isn't on the plaque I'ma use my Rustolium/
I'm better under pressure, high sodium/
came to break records, where's the lonolium?/
they say I'm sacreligious, my style's holy nuts/
if success is the target, I'm raising up my barrel like petrolium/
homie, I aim high, Winehouse smoking bud/
I'ma man up and face it/
and grab the bull by the horns till I ride it and make it/

(Pre hook)


Verse 3 (Art Morera)

I see my future looking bright/
wake up in the morning in a robe, spin a globe and book a flight/
with every hook I right, it's like I take shine/
but I'm in my own lane, so just say I took a light/
see, aint nobody stopping us/
so I'ma just stay cool, while getting to my goal, hockey puck/
Do you get it, get it? I thought it was obvious/
they don't got the gut to stomach it, the flow nausia/
see, I know we've been at it for a minute, that's a given/
but we're driven to be doin' what we lovin' for a livin'/
like it was nothin' more vivid/
nothing is forbidden and there's no limit/
so baby, get up and go get it/

(Pre Hook)



from 12​:​00AM, released July 17, 2011
Written by Art Morera & JFeyeVE
Produced by Alphabeat


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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