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"Lil Sum'n"

from Morera EP by Art Morera



off the Morera EP



A LilSum'n’ huh?
I’ma make an impact.
I’m going momma, pray I get back.
Can’t fall off, I train on this track.
Gotta eat, I’ll cater to that.
The category they’re placing me at depends on if I’m fable or fact
I left with a story and brought some paper back
It’ll pan out when my cake is stacked
I see the crowd’s face reactions, not stage theatrics
Truth is I leave my youth in the booth
In a way, I’m aging backwards.
On my own page and chapter man,
Yeah my bars getting sharper baby,
Arthur maybe getting more on point with his target aiming, blaow!
My style got your heads spinning like owls
If that is the case, you looking around? You are surrounded!
My emotions when I’m flowin’ I show it
Otherwise you wouldn’t know what
I’ve been going through I’m stoic
A poet, Jose Marti
A-R-T trade marking his artistry
Competition’s getting hauled away like carnegie
Steady on a real good karma streak
I don’t know how far my arms will reach
But I’ll go toe to toe like Dorothy’s dog for more rounds than an armory
Got a thick tall brick wall, guarding me from anything regarding me
If heads wanna ever do dirt like gardening
Arty be a monster in each and every concert,
I came to offer a LilSum'n to make you prosper, what!

And we ride, yeah we ride to go get it!
I’ma go get it! I’ma go get it!
I heard they want a LilSum'n
Yeah yo
Give ‘em a LilSum'n huh?
A LilSum'n, huh?

Make way for the honorary, my music is my life’s commentary
In every song it varies, when I got a goal at times I want it barely
Chasing like Tom and Jerry then fallin’ weary all up in the monastery
We got problems, I’m not comparing I just want time in solitary peace
Getting air to breathe, a voluntary leave
I think I’ma need a little therapy when the voices in my head are scaring me
It could be embarrassing but I’m not just gonna guarantee
to give it my all, and dare to dream. I’m not gonna spare a thing!
‘till all that is left of me’s my heart and my soul
my left and my right, the music I’m making the rest of my life
the past I’ll never deny, my middle finger to who’s telling me lies
fist of a rebel I held it up high.
How can the devil help me to fly when he was the guy that fell from the sky?
You know why I’m something else? Cuz I don’t have nothing else
Stressing it doesn’t help, I’m knocking on doors, buzzing bells
All I wanna do is just excel! Break loose of my dungeon cell
What I’m dropping in my two cents,
wishes come true. Which one’s your well?
I’ll show that I’m up to par, I don’t roll with a lucky charm
Life’s gonna shove me hard and press me down like tar under cars
First down’s in a couple yards, I’m the one in charge
The light at the end of the tunnel was so far, I was like “That’s just a star”

But we ride, yeah we ride to go get it!
I’ma go get it! I’ma go get it!
I heard they want a LilSum'n
Yeah yo
Give ‘em a LilSum'n huh?
A LilSum'n, huh?


from Morera EP, track released December 12, 2012
Written by Art Morera
Produced by Mr. Nixon


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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