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"Man On The Moon (Freestyle​)​"

from 12​:​00AM by Art Morera



Art Morera's 12:00AM freestyle over Kid Cudi's "Man On The Moon"


Man On The Moon Freestyle

"You gotta feel like you're in space..."

I do

Me up here... Me up here

Verse 1 (Art Morera)
I fled from my home planet in an escape pod
and for that, I thank God
because had I stayed, it would've been the death of a star
like Darth Vader
I hope that none of the survivors think I'm a traitor
if they do, they're Art haters
I just wanted to hit a hot spot so
I picked Earth and aimed for the equator
and when I get there,
sooner or later they'll see me as something greater than an invader
look, I just want to be an entertainer
innovator, meet the maker
be like
"Hello world, my name Art and we're all paintings from the illustrator."
but then I crashed.
I walked out in the middle of a crator
wait a minute, this aint Earth...

Chorus (Kid Cudi)
I be that man on the moon
I'm the man on the moon
and I'ma do what I do, so do you hey hey
I'll be posted with a blunt and a brew I do
I'm the man on the moon
I'm up up on the moon

Verse 2 (Art Morera)
I guess I gotta sit on the moon a bit
my lil space ship needs a tune up quick
I wonder what makes y'all humans tick
from here, you look like lunatics
good thing I brought my boom box
might as well take a stroll, I always wanted to moon walk
like Michael Jackson
Yeah, I was a big fan of him back in my home planet
if you have expectations to see me
don't aim for the sky, go past it
catch where I'm blastin' off at
it's not often I'm astronautin'
my back up option,
take rope strapped to my rocket
try and catch a comet,
tie a lassle on it
and ride it's tail back to where I started
damn, that's the hassle of an artist
peep the moon, try to face facts
I aint mad when I wave at y'all and y'all don't wave back
maybe one day we'll link up, blaze sacks
and have a good time bumpin' my space raps



from 12​:​00AM, released July 17, 2011
Written by Art Morera


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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