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"Spraypaint and Ink Pens (Freestyle​)​"

from 12​:​00AM by Art Morera



Art Morera's 12:00AM Freestyle over Fort Minor's "Spraypaint and Ink Pens"


Spraypaint and Ink Pens

What you want me to do on this one?

Uh, yeah
Spraypaint and ink pens
I use to write in every color I think in
Art on the mic, like buddy from Linkin
Park, when I spark I hover then I sink in
before my life is over like the covers
that I'm sleepin' under with my lover one beneath it
I'ma get the gold, not the runner up achievement
soul of a champ, though I wonder if my feet fit
if so, then watch me sprint in these kicks
don't blink or squint cuz he's quick
quick like my dream whip in my dream world
that my dream self was seen with
but meanwhile, me and my MC wit
beat repeatin', I write with no ink pen
weeded and drinkin', me myself and I didn't think that
this would be the reason I'm bleedin' breathin'
but believe it, even though my foes wanna see me go, I won't
what tie between them and I on who's the best?
All that's left is my vote
and I root for me as far as mine goes,
that's why my rivals fear my arrival
I came under your radar, fly low
so ahead that you gotta follow
I'm not close to them, don't compare us
I'm on a platou
eatin' too much for your plato
my mindstate's like Plato on Pluto
If I had a brand new boat,
I'd probably feel like Noah, who knows
my heart grew cold like walking through a ghost
but you can't stop me from where I'm goin', I'm too close
to being a boss, Hugo
the rest still got a long way to go
kinda like 2pac on rooftops
who got the jugo? I do, you don't
we heavy weight hitters like sumos
you might not think I'm the best yet, but soon though!
I'm from a whole other mundo
yep, ya dude's stoned off that moon dope, man
you can see me if you look into a scope
naw, I doubt it there's alot of Buddha smoke
I got problems and that's what I use to cope
just me in my studio which I paid out of pocket
so all of them due's he owes
is for the road when I'm getting to a toll
you can ask 8ch2O,
it outta hold water if the truth is told
this shit's timeless, both the new and old
know what I'm giving you is gold
Life's a movie yo, in real life
I'm on a UFO playing a human role
of some kid, raised by Cuban folks
reborn christian, getting his jewish doe
who, had him a thought out of the box
no cubicle, I'm something you never knew before
Spraypaint and Ink pens
I use to write in every color I think in
Art on the mic like buddy from Linkin
Park, when I spark I hover then I sink in, in


from 12​:​00AM, released July 17, 2011
Written by Art Morera


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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