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"The Movie Ends"

from 12​:​00AM by Art Morera



Art Morera's 12:00AM Freestyle over Aerosmith's "The Movie"


The Movie Ends

Supposedly I went Hollywood, my whereabouts?
What, you finna call Paramount?
You want my heart? Go 'head tear it out
while I milk this for what it's worth, dairy isle
I'm so legendary I'll show I'm a cut from another material
feeling aerial, they wonderin' if we actin' or if we're real
the spotlight's here whether not it's really ours
working weary hours, moon howlers
caged under the weight of two tours
my name is Art, my style, I don't need
an A n R to say I'm down to a T
true indeed if I aint sick
I'm everything you would need to be I-M-M-U-N-E
I can hang with the few elite
finna blow like a fuel leak to a spark, Jubilee
You wonderin' what color do I bleed?
I appear to be more than a human being
I'm buildin' they're ruining
there's alot going on when I say I'm doin' me
just do y'all, do what you do asleep
while you're still up for it, persue your dreams
yeah, I'm the shit, a sewer stream
feel free to cut me off if I'm too extreme

Verse 2

At last, like Biggie rappin bout blunts and broads
I promise I keep it honest like I'm talking right in front of God
I'ma kill it even if the audience doesn't applaud
if one of y'all feel it, y'all know who's the illest
the rest, I'm letting marinate before I grill 'em I guess
they say Morera fake like acrylic
but I'm too smart to fail, hard as nails
I'm on fire like chronic that Arty inhales,
mind so sharp it impales
success plays a big part of his tale
I said I'd prevail at the start of this trail
I'm the man, and I'll say it quite clear,
treat my tape like no plans and play it by ear
My whole camp so fly
none of us afraid of heights here
we're up in the air
and I'm a pioneer
I can make anyone big look tinier
whenever I'm near
I can see through the sight seers
without any X Ray eye wear
you can't walk in the shoes I wear
I'm just here building, IKEA
yeah don't get an idea
get ghost like my old crib in Hialeah
you still don't think I'm ill by here?
Maybe you will in another light year


from 12​:​00AM, released July 17, 2011
Written by Art Morera


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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