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from 12​:​00AM by Art Morera






Art Morera

Verse 1

Looking at my life feels
like watching a Sports Center highlight reel
ill, my do or die will it will
kill competition via suicide drills
still the thrill of witnessin' me
it'll give your spine chills, keep your eye peeled
to me, it's ideal
if it's a game that I might steal
put it in a bag with a tight seal
those are big Jordans the foot of mine fills
got a goal and I'm running towards it, through a mine field
I aint tryna slow down, I aint tryna yield
if I get hurt, I know time heals
watch the stop clock, get ready for the shot
you better make a move when a second's what you got, make a move!
fans sweatin' it alot
takin' the athletic path lead him to the top

Now, no one ever said it was gonna be easy
No one ever said it was gonna be easy
but when I make a move I'ma dominate
I'ma dominate homie, I'ma dominate (x2)

Verse 2

I'ma dominate, no one's ever taking my spot away
gotta stay training daily wakin' with body aches
alot of pain, to me this is not a game
I'ma have a house with my own hall of fame
Yeah, I'm in the zone like I finna go all the way
never take time off, what the hell's a holiday?
I know the sport so well, I can call a play
me, myself and I is Bosh, Lebron and Wade
focus the lens on your camcord
I rap sorta like nothing but net from half court
something for the fans in the stands to stand for
fly with no passport and crack the backboard, yeah
you aint taking this house, we at war
I'ma snatch yours though, I'm the new landlord
If you wanna play Around The World, I'll give a grand tour
I'm coming in first place on a crash course


Verse 3

Who, me? The equivelant to the 2-3
the one that can jump and dunk from where you shoot free's
kept leaping till he grew wings
won a championship and came home with a new ring
but I aint in it for the jewelry
I'ma overcome the limits none of you'll reach
stay dribbling, no pivot in my 2 feet
I know every play written on a loose leaf, no sleep
cuz everybody from the sidelines to the nose bleeds
will be watching me closely
I be like Kobe, on my J-O-B
yo' team's all tied up without going into OT
the top's lonely, but homie you know me
to always be in the air, when am I lowkey?
never, I'm better than any competitor I be the only
MVP in my own league



from 12​:​00AM, released July 17, 2011
Written by Art Morera
Produced by Alphabeat


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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