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Naknek EP

by Art Morera

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drvoke King Wen found Jiang Ziya fishing with a line and no hook who ended up catching the favor of one of the greatest hegemons in history. Favorite track: No Hooks.
Seen A Ghost 02:27
Yeah Now that I’m settled in Take a little walk, explore this property Sit at this table maybe Write a little bit Yeah Always tormented so I brain storm Til the winds behind my sails and the waves form If angels on the way I can no longer wait for em Swear it’s been this way since the day I was born Follow my foot prints in between the claymores The wolf chases the boar who do you pray for Wish I can say more Wish I can say more Say less, pay off the debt keep pushing forward When I take a long walk I be looking for words Describe the way I feel before it goes numb How can I remind you of someone if I’m no one Sometimes I don’t press record, just try to remember Memories are so heavy yet light as a feather Put my all into writing a song that’s about nothing It’s clear as sunny skies I have clouded judgement When it rains it pours Asked God to make the pain stop then felt the rain drops in Alaska Married to the bread let me propose a toast My billfolds will make you sick and how it grows is gross You’re closer to folks the farther from home you go My road let me west, hit the coast and coast Work at a plant, a school of salmon will teach who you are Always dig deep as you reach for the stars So much meaning rooted in each of these bars Bear scratches on tree bark how I’m leaving my mark Stay sharp as the teeth of the creatures in the dark If life‘s a beach what’s a shark, how empty is Art Davy Jones locker without a key or the heart Smell the sea salt, breathe hard hit the restart Just an honest Chico no cheat code On this journey with a vision like Coleco Speak from the soul as the beat goes Let it repeat in my skull in the brief lullsalico Took a walk with people, some alter ego’s Saw a flock of seagulls, a crane, and a bald eagle On the way back I’ll take an Amtrak and write on the scenic coast Pull up on you it’s like you’ve seen a ghost
No Hooks 02:49
I ate breakfast in two minutes This song has no chorus, no Hooks All lines Yeah Raindrops on my white tea Flow high key so enlightening you might see it dance with your kite string Sunrises be bright pink and I swear I’m busy as I’ve ever been Cursed like conversing with fisherman Still fresher than a peppermint Pussy all on my breath again It’s a diet I highly recommend Got a taste palette for estrogen Cup of juice, little extra gin Want to start a fire, let my record spin This wind the loser is destined to win That howl in the hell is my second wind Adventures testing the strength of men Spill my guts see the angst within Gold all in my gangsta grin Blood sweat and tears on my handkerchief Name is written every place I’ve been Yeah that’s me No hooks All lines, no hooks Fish scale on my finger nails Bed linen smell like entrails Face hidden behind a thin vail Some details I can’t entail On the plane over here I had a Gingerale Wore rain boots, might’ve squished a snail Wearing slugs Reppin Miyayo Ayoo No hooks Yeah, all lines no hooks Yeah, yeah Give her that D under natural sunlight Bet you thought it was The Flash when I run by Cash under my pillow hmm Power naps, no lullaby High as noon, and you gotta think faster than gun fights Cause these ocean raps have your tongue tied One verse leaves a lot of space between you and I If you trying to bridge the gap better jump high Higher than I is Looking out the window on a mountain of ice In the middle of July on the way to Alaska Want an update, wait until after No hooks All lines, no hooks Last verse The clock tick tocks as it watches me Rocks beneath as I walk the street Find a comfortable bed to get off your feet Things we endure to get on our feet So interesting I got some sleep Make a couple grand it’s been an awesome week In the factory still processing Is wearing my grills still flossing teeth Look me up in the glossary See my name next to anomaly Left books at home that I long to read But I’ll buy some more on a shopping spree Why is the word lie in library Does the word please sound like police Do the manner in which I pull these bars off make me the best rightfully One things for sure, y’all copy me In the freezer feeling like Rocky III Work with my hands no boxing ring While the hands of time tick tocking  No hooks
Uh-huh, all right all right Yeah Yeah Yeah Greasy grimy salmon guts Fingers slimy, halibut Packs of mutts scavenge chunks After ten thousand cuts as if a massacre has occurred Alaska stickers on classic trucks Naknek drifters’ back pockets with a flask of liquor Bad workers wear a mask and snicker Hard workers with cramps and blisters happy with tobacco canisters Human resources administers ibuprofen and caffeine mixture That is a magic elixir, take a breather man that should fix ya Mosquito on the back of my neck who’s needles feel like catfish whiskers Compassion for addict hipsters, still address them as ma’am or mister When the work shirt fabric stenches donate them or trash them bitches Hit up a planet fitness, cash my checks then I’m back in business I call this rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches, yeah Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Ninety nine percent can’t handle this shit Fresh out the madness, Real quick before I go back in Been a while hasn’t it Howl with me what’s happenin Let me shout out MONEY MOGLY Shout out the youngin Wolfy Shout out Big G and Joey Shout out the gods and Noe Break it down like Where are you going Hahahahahahahaha whooo Probably somewhere snowing Under the aurora borealis in my laboratory Smile keeps my aura alluring Wake up with a morning glory In this Alaskan horror story there’s Greasy grimy salmon guts Keep in mind your stamina, don’t pinch your sciatica Machinery sound like Metallica Where is the plug for Cali bud Two thirds of the day standing up How the fuck it’s only been half a month Catch the chum hidden in the shoal As they drop out splashing sludge It’s almost as if they have a grudge against families that indulge on their flesh Sitting back with a fat bulge on their tummies mmm yummy Some be on the floor but still fresh There I go again exploring death But that’s how insane the story gets And I’m about to go more in depth Wept as I’d squeegee the floor, sort of swept pools of fish organs Organic as it gets On-site mechanic with a wrench To repair the mechanism that beheads Sockeye salmon in like half a second Before we handle the rest of the process Some have a gash on their sides Could’ve been seal, grizzly bear or Loch Ness Meanwhile writing songs in my head Ignoring those that taunting the dead Quick shower to wash off this mess Another long shift at the office Woke up and I got dressed I call this rags to riches Rags to richesRags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches, yeah Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Rags to riches Ninety nine percent can’t handle this shit Where the fuck you goin’
Saw so much death I bought a chain, it was a keeper A 14k rope chain Grim Reaper Cost an arm and a leg my grips weaker You want your hands in my pocket, dig deeper Cause if you try to take this from me I’m a shoot you Right in between the eyes, pew pew You too are not as important as what I’m sportin If that’s how you chose to live your life it will be shortened Went too far lengths for this and refuse to forfeit If it’s to feed your poor kids, they’ll soon be orphans No offense, in fact it’s self-defense Trying to resolve an issue with me, this how the beef ends Even if we used to be friends Makes no difference to me there’s no allegiance, only revenge As I look down on this old piece again The reaper is grim, you can see his gold teeth grin On a black T-shirt with my peepers I saw a 14k rope chain Grim Reaper In reverse from my perspective, feet first Death weighed on my chest yet it’s a rebirth Till I leave earth I’m finding out what it’s really worth Dreamt of a rope around my neck as I dangle on a tree Now all I see is a rope chain with Death hanging on me Thankful to be alive, numbness in my hands and feet Flipping salmon for weeks in Naknek back to Salmon Creek Nothing fishy about me book my baggage weeks Flashing teeth, Lonewolf still got a pack with me Try to reason with the unreasonable as always tempting The word path is in empathy but so is empty Supposed to feel you but you’ll feel me Will I be killed for these well we’ll see The blind will understand my POV Want my gold, you’ll take an L and see GOD Is wearing Santa Muerte mala suerte Por que ahora se siente mas caliente The guy at the pawn shop they sent in spoke not a sentence Exchanged my dollars for a neckless Walking to the exit on black t-shirt Jeepers creepers is that a 14k rope chain grim reaper 14k rope chain grim reaper 14k rope chain grim Wish I got it cheaper
Shiny Eyes 04:32
Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay in the ocean, ocean Lone survivor of sons and daughters that were eaten by predators Couldn’t be protected too much by their father Sometimes she still wonders about them While she swims around in the water But as of for now nothing has caught her Ducking and dodging and gulping for oxygen Maybe she’s lucky like she struck the lotto Snuck by an otter, swim up a little farther What is my purpose, what if I jump to the surface The sunlight reveals that there’s something near lurkin Thought it was a Sea urchin, Up close it’s a serpent It’s tough to interpret so muddy and murky Poseidon have mercy Why have you cursed me with a life full of urgency I’m always hurt and I’m tired and hungry I rush in a hurry But it gave me endurance and hustle and courage Cherish the life you live until you perish If she’s ever bested her muscles will nourish One day she’ll understand what is occurring No concept of time just go against the current Beasts with four limbs blowing bubbles submerges Exploring her world gave her urges To see what they are searching for, where did they come from she’s nervous To pick up above where the birds live Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay in the ocean, ocean Sleep an iota, keep an eye open At peace with the dangers here deep in the ocean Seasons will change the sea has its moments If you keep within range of the species you roll with Power in numbers there’s millions of us Come and get some if you really want it Spill your insides trying to fill your stomach I was watching her back see the killer coming When the water is calm she build sand castles Queen of all fish and the land mammals Imagination is channeled till waves take it As it washes ashore by the raft paddles Seen dead fish with possessed spirits That abducting the foolish that fed fearless I guess living here death is everywhere There she was unaware that she shed a tear Together they swim on this trail collectively move as a singular cell United they’re bigger than whales where each individual fish is a scale Although I’ve been telling her story the rest are a part of a fisherman‘s tale Cause instantly they all were caught in a net and were lifted away on the ship as it sailed She watches with Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay in the ocean, ocean Gravity pulls her down while she pushes upstream Felt a sudden sting from the jagged rocks as the rapids scrape on her sides making her cut and bleed Leaving a puddle of blood diluted to nothing With all her might she swam up and leaped In between the teeth of a bear and her cubs that were hungry Narrow escape but would it have been such a terrible feet To go find an area safe she can lay her eggs then by an eagle get carried away She hid her offspring by a hot spring in a lake with a cave they were carefully placed The water was clear with her clarity of how she became prepared for this day At an inlet was a father and son on a fishing trip Last thing on her wish list was an honorable death and she knew then this was it Bit the bait and didn’t resist Because the role of the salmon is preventing the planet from going through famine She was wild and alive So proud her demise was teaching a living thing how to survive They looked into Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay Her shiny eyes Hold reflections of the sky And we’re here all the time And we’ll stay in the ocean, ocean


Art Morera flew to Naknek, a small fishing village in Alaska to process sockeye salmon during the season. This EP is about that experience.


released August 6, 2022

Beats and raps by Art Morera
DJ scratches on 'Rags To Riches' by DJ Exes


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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