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High Fives

from Vanessa by Art Morera



Bet you thought I was done huh
Little do you know we just begun ugh
Baggy shirt keep something tucked
Might be 2 sticks or nunchucks
Get scratched off bad luck struck
This tappin’ your head like duck duck
When i choose goose no fun schmucks
Yell truce truce I hear cluck cluck
Hold up hold up
Show love for what
Say hello to my lil friend
Saludad mi piqueño pistola
Was in a coma yodaling ricola with Yoda
Then woke up in the van dolo like Han Solo
Gave Morty a chewy now i’m rolling up oowee
Playing Texas Hold ‘Em with FanPromo
Back in the days in Tooby park
Nights watching movies in the dark
Vanessa parked on the side of the road
Loud footsteps of those inspecting who we are
Til we got ghost like Scooby barked
Another dooby sparked
Friendly faces could be narcs
No such thing as being calm in a life
With so many moving parts
Be still, thats ill
Was that Art or a shooting star
I’d prolly be in prison for murder
If I dwelled in a city notorious for looting cars
For that thank God
It’s like my world exploded and my van was an escape pod
Skip ahead another decade or so
Might find me with a broad in Cape Cod
Shout out anybody bumping my tape noddin’
I’m an oddity, really gotta be
Went from uniting my city with camaraderie
To wolf by a pile of slaughtered sheep
Now I’m tryna sleep don’t bother me
I want all the z’s
Drama queens
This my attempt at an apology
This for the dinners at Dollar Tree
A lil disciplinary idolatry
Hope a decade pass when I fall asleep
But maybe one day this will be all a dream

Dream, dream, dream

Well, I thought if I commodify my Spotify it’ll modify when I law defy
Am I too lost to find
Nah, refine what God defines
Back and forth til the Knot tie
Was asked what I did today, I said “not die”
Low Haha’s and high fives
The password for the Wi-Fi is dotted lines
The path winds when you only follow dollar signs
Always big talk from small fry
Ironic how we need a sun so we can gauge Father Time
Inside Vanessa was my Solitary confinement for a white collar crime
Is it all a sham, is the hollow ground just a Hologram
Was the loneliness even real with no one to call or see him on thanksgiving
Just turkey bags in a Quality Inn
In rap theatre we’re gladiators in a coliseum
This is calcium for The cash cow idiom
The city I’m in turned hearts obsidian
Seen family change on me like Aunt Vivian
It ain’t nothing, divided over dividends
Disconnected when I lived by the river bend
The play button is a vivid lens
For you to understand the brilliance of the villain as a civilian
But until then, come on

Come on

Come on


from Vanessa, released December 12, 2023
Written and produced by Art Morera


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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