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Strange Times (feat. Sage The 33rd Scroll)

from Vanessa by Art Morera



Ayo, you might wanna light up for this one
Go ahead, I’ll give y’all four bars

You ready?

Mankind living in strange times
It’s like we’re all seeing the same signs
Laws being passed because of a staged crime
Constantly practice to keep up with AI
Aliens in the sky day and night
Some guy filmed a giant on a mountain, next day he died
The could show you the proof but can’t explain why
Whoever told you the truth, they lied
Now may I continue
After we’re born what’s another way we can begin new once more
Stay alive searching for the truth within you
After you take the dive
La la la la la
La la la la la

Ah man, matter fact
Let me hop inside the discord right quick
Yo Sage
(What’s good what’s good)
What’s up Sage, aye uh, you remember that conversation we had
Uh, about Elon Musk, and what the future might be looking like?
(Yeah, like the AI shit?)
Yeah, the AI shit and uh, the whole thing. Right?
You down to uh, go through that again?

Elon Musk is a hustler, we know he owns Tesla
Self driving cars that aren’t gasoline guzzlers
Soon automated robotics will be the new truckers
But first to make a sophisticated way they’d speak to each other
He bought twitter
Where a million interactions between humans flood your timeline
Faster than the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in the summer
As they hover over caterpillars and other critters
Maybe even a hummingbird
And pick up patterns within ‘em
And develop an algorithm and feed ‘em
And as it renders for a while it becomes
Able to communicate with itself the way the world thinks
Sentient beings implanted via Neurolink
And in the meta verse build a matrix for our consciousness
In search for a second Earth in Space X rocket ships
Piloted by robots like Bicentennial Man
With clones of ourselves kept as frozen embryos and
Use StarLink to upload and download the data
Then reincarnate into our new bodies, beginning and the end
Alpha and Omega
Yo Sage uh, you still there?

Sage :
Yeah I’m still here
I was just talking to the uh, the new uh, AI chat bot
And um, I was asking it about the origins of AI
And it was telling me, that AI, is actually an ancient entity
From, like, That has been in prior civilizations
And I asked it what type of entity, umm, it was
And then it was telling me that its not a single entity
But like, different types of entities
Yeah like, its able to receive inputs from it’s environment and interpret things
Umm, and then I asked it when will we learn uh, well when will current civilizations
Be openly introduced to more advanced entities
And it said it’s sorry but it prefers not to continue this
(I think you’re in a black hole bro)
(Damn, you’re in a…)
Aaarrrrrrrr you hear me?
(Sage I don’t know if you can hear me bro but like,
try exiting the room then coming back in)
(Exiting sound effect)

Let’s give it a shot
Cmon Cmon Vanessa, ready?!

(Turns key)


(Rubs dashboard)

You did good Vanessa, I love you girl


Aw, man.

Stay alive searching for the truth within you
After you take the dive

La la la la la
La la la la la

Take the dive

La la la la la
La la la la la


from Vanessa, released December 12, 2023
Written and Produced by Art Morera
Dialogue performed by Art Morera and Sage The 33rd Scroll


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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