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from Vanessa by Art Morera



Yeah, uh huh
Where we at?

North of Fort Pierce, it seems I still appear to be
The subject of their gossip as my ear ring
Y’all don’t hear me, voices in my head like I’m near rings
Full transparency gets you invited to the clearing
Where I was at, the only voice talking back is Siri
It’s not a game I take playing with words seriously
Face what I’m afraid of fearlessly til I meet my fate
The beat dictates, no guarantees I won’t tear any
Double tap but no pin, gotta keep the map open
Life’s shorter than an acronym
So don’t forget to smell flowers and photograph insects with a macro lens
No paths where I’m goin’
Meet where the back road ends
When we go our separate ways don’t say goodbye, it’s a bad omen
Hate looking back at a collection of sad moments
You see me looking down I’m trying to track old prints
One sec, think I know where it went
Barely trust friends, unbeknownst to Morera it’s common sense
Wait til I respawn again, still haven’t lost the scent
I’ve been hung to dry maybe that’s why I’m on the fence
Losing your self esteem will make you want to vent
The best way to not vent is to prevent the event altogether
In time the string things clinged onto weathered til it untethered
Life makes your skin thick, death kills you for the leather
Traveling to keep my innocence was my guilty pleasure
The plight of the skilled endeavor
What I’ve done to live forever the forgotten will never, ever ever

That’s cool that’s cool
So now that act one is done, in act two our hero will learn
It’ only a comeback if there’s something he can come back to

Like Shakespeare making plays
The world is your stage they say
Tombstone dates are our purest age
Arty McFly, you’re Biff with manure on his face
Seen more flushes playing poker by rivers than when I urinate
Still ripping mics like bandages by the time they curing AIDS
Let me switch the visual for the viewers’ sake
Okay, chasing verde til my beard is gray
Things play out like theatre in a way
And the script is so cryptic but act on it
Tracks have the impact of comets that crack tectonics
Transients form landscapes with canyons and mountains
So many blessings now, in order to save time I can’t be counting
Just know it’s only some, not the whole sum, stay wholesome
It’s only some, not the whole sum, stay wholesome

Internalized grudges in broken external hard drives
Til I forgive a sinner looking sorry in they eyes
Coffin designed into the cotton where my heart lied
Not a farce I’d tell in this bizarre ride
First God had to put aside Art’s pride
In the sea of thieves with the Trident of the Dark Tides
References to video games I haven’t explored
From transporting Jansports til it ran it’s course
But the way the duffel swung back and forth at the San Fran Wharf
Was like wielding the Master Sword approaching Ganondorf
What’s a wolf to a dog, get your man dwarfed
The orphanage next to the morgue has all the Animorphs
Speak in metaphors
Meddle with words like blacksmiths crafting ore out of Thor’s hammer
Gavels in court how strong winds here be slamming doors, like
Back with more magic added to the lore

But only some, not the whole sum, stay wholesome
It’s only some not the whole sum, stay wholesome


from Vanessa, released December 12, 2023
Written and Produced by Art Morera


all rights reserved



Art Morera Miami, Florida

We’re just misfits with no place to be, still got a long way to go.

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